Founded in June 2011 with the primary aim to be the leading innovators in techno-business solutions and national development, Leading Edge Technologies Cameroon strongly upholds the banner to curb the high level of Brain Drain and Techno-outsourcing, which is draining the country’s economy at very significant levels. LETEC Cameroon through its network of partnerships with high level international standards of competence is putting at the disposal of Cameroonians best services and techno-skills, bridge the Digital Skills Divide and attempt to assist the government in attaining the MDG (Millennium Development Goals).

Our Motivation

We are not unaware of the impact of ICT as the backbone to sustainable development and economic growth. In this guise, there is continuous demand to create awareness and educate citizens in the various sectors of life and business in Cameroon and the global market. Looking more closely at the scenario in Cameroon, there is a rapid growth of IT infrastructure and a high demand for skilled professionals to manage this infrastructure. There is an acute shortage of skilled techno professionals on the ground which gives way to outsourcing on a very large scale for jobs that would have been performed by Cameroonians. In the public sector alone the government needs more than 45,000 skilled IT technicians to sustain its services. There is a shortage of more than 250,000 skilled IT professionals in the Civil Society and Corporate sectors of the country. The country even needs more than this number to meet up with the millennium development goals.

Our Services

Consultancy Services

IT Consultancy,
Supplies of IT equipment and related accessories. Network infrastructure design, maintenance and security.

ICT Training and Certification on ICDL Standards

Information Systems Design and Implementation. Hardware Maintenance and Installation. Computer Essentials, Databases, and more...

General Services

Training and certification in ICT to both individuals and organizations. Design of Billboards and Public Address Systems. Distribution of security surveillance systems.

Our Partners